TV Wallpaper , QLED , OLED ,LED, LCD or Plasma Screen Protective 24 inches ~ 152 inches in Egypt

اسكرينة تلفزيون من شركة الدلتا الهندسية لاحدث انواع التلفزيون الفلات والمنحني والحائطي 

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We are a company specializing in producing a TV QLED , OLED ,LED, LCD,Wallpaper or Plasma Screen Protective from 24 ~ 152inches in Egypt 
   for all kinds of TV. All you have to do is inform us about the 
TV model and your address and the company will send your representative to deliver the condom to you inside Egypt and pay on delivery.

  TV OLED ,LED, LCD, Wallpaperor Plasma screen    

The screen protector is made of clear, unbreakable transparent acrylic material compared to glass. It can be decomposed and cleaned easily. It cleans the water and liquid soap and is dried with a cotton cloth to restore the transparency of the cover.
Dimensions  of Screen Protective
The screen protector : Transparent, unbreakable glass, reversible to glass that can be decomposed, installed and cleaned with ease. It is not a flexible plastic bag. It is a very strong transparent acrylic barrier that can withstand direct shock and does not affect the screen permanently.

 TV QLED , OLED ,LED, LCD ,Wallpaperor Plasma Screen Protective  

The acrylic screen cover provides protection from the dangers of tampering with children and protects the screen from any risk of breakage and provides a clear vision and blocking of harmful rays

  TV QLED , OLED ,LED, LCD ,Wallpaper or Plasma Screen Protective Clear acrylic

The addition of the screen cover made of transparent acrylic gives a distinctive character of your decor is valuable and has a special beauty. 
?Why Delta Engineering  
Delta was established in 2010  . Delta has a team of engineers,  professionals, technicians and skilled workers

We are a company specializing in producing a sTV Plasma Screen Protective  from 24 ~ 150 inches in .Egypt 

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