Why Delta Engineering Co 

Department Combines Talented Engineers   Brand Equity   High Quality Products  Talented Engineers & Skilled Workers  Outstanding Service    On-Time Delivery    Free Installation    After Sales Support    Wide Variety of Products    Innovated Designs    High Customization Capability       Large Scope of Business    Recognized Reference List    Reliable Supplier    Huge Industrial Base    Highly Advanced and Fully Automated Machinery        Huge Design , Advanced Software and High Tech. Equipment    Total Quality Management.   


To build trust with our customer by designing, engineering, and providing high quality PMMA   product


We make products that improve the lives of people  in Egypt and the Middle East

Our customers

  Medical Sector   Banks    Automotive    Insurance   Embassies   Ministries    Consultancy Offices    Governmental Companies    Foreign Organizations    Petroleum Sector    Public Sector    Libraries       Schools and Universities    Public, private and international companies.


Delta Engineering Co adopts the philosophy of continuous improvement in all its assets and processes acrylic forming. This philosophy stems from the belief that mistakes can be avoided and that continuous improvement is an ongoing process that never ends. and defects can be prevented